Brian Costin

Brian Costin

A lifelong resident of Illinois, Brian has worked in public policy and social change for 15 years both inside and outside of government positions. He worked for the people of Illinois as Policy Advisor to the Governor and Deputy Chief of Staff to the first Latina Lieutenant Governor in U.S. history. Brian has won a number of awards for his work including a Government Watchdog Award and an Alumni Public Service Award.

Brian was first introduced into the beautiful game attending a Chicago Sting match at the old Rosemont Horizon in 1987. Playing other sports through high school and into college, he was reintroduced to the game while traveling in Ireland during the 1998 Men’s World Cup and has been a national team fanatic ever since. Brian’s favorite teams are the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams, and now finally has a club team in Chicago House AC.

A fan of NISA League, Costin founded the Twitter account @NISA2Chicago prior to a team being announced and currently runs @TheHouseOfNISA which supports the club, the league, and affiliated Midwest Premier League clubs. Costin submitted the team name of Chicago House in the Moniker Madness fan naming competition. Costin is an advocate for reform of the U.S. Soccer Federation and advocates for an open system with promotion and relegation at his Twitter account @OpenSoccerFdn.

A lifelong fighter of government corruption, Brian has worked with over 100 local governments in Illinois to adopt comprehensive website transparency standards as a preventative corruption-fighting tool. Leading up to the 2018 U.S. Soccer presidential election, Brian worked with a number of candidates to develop policy proposals to increase transparency and anti-corruption standards for the organization.

“What's not to love about being a part of the Chicago House Athletic Club? It's a club named after Chicago's best musical invention, in my favorite sport, in my favorite league, in my favorite city. All the while the club and league are standing up for the sporting values I believe will transform sports in the United States, and being a positive force for good in our community.

By embracing the principles of sporting merit, solidarity, promotion and relegation; NISA League and Chicago House AC are champions of the open system model that produces the best soccer and soccer culture the world over. The league and club have a wonderful opportunity to build something entirely new and exciting that is drastically different from the franchise sports model currently limiting professional sports in the United States. With Peter Wilt in the club's leadership, Chicago House AC can be the epicenter of this movement which I believe will positively transform the sport in a way that is inclusive of every community and every soccer club in America that wants to join.

Chicago House AC is in a tremendous position to be a club of national importance while making valuable contributions to our community off the pitch. I'm proud to be part of the Chicago House AC family. I've finally found my club soccer home!”


Twitter: @TheHouseOfNISA

Twitter: @CHACFM

Twitter: @OpenSoccerFdn