Donation Requests


Community and social impact are at the center of Chicago House AC’s mission. Collaboration is woven into our purpose-driven business model. We are committed to using the power of sport to help organizations in the Chicagoland area advance their mission and create a more just and equitable world.

To support your organization’s work, we donate merchandise and tickets to help you generate funds, build community and raise awareness. And we hope to inspire your community to cheer on Chicago House AC!


Below are guidelines for our donation program:

  • Our focus is on the Chicagoland area (city and suburbs). If that’s your focus too, please apply.
  • Wondering what we can donate? Great question! We can donate*:
    • Group tickets to witness our spectacular play in person
    • Autographed Chicago House AC merchandise/equipment
    • Chicago House AC merchandise packages
  • *Please keep in mind that supplies are limited and we may not be able to fulfill your exact request.  We will prioritize organizations that are requesting a donation for the first time.
  • To help our awesome team review and fulfil your request efficiently, please submit your donation request at least 42 days (6 weeks) prior to when you need the donation in your hands.
  • Just a heads up, we do not donate to organizations that don’t align with our mission of creating a just and equitable world and supporting a #HouseForAll.

If the above aligns and sounds good to you, we look forward to receiving your donation request!: